Orthopedic Surgery

Less Pain and Better Results.
That’s Our Plan When Surgery Is Your Best Option.

Sometimes surgery is the right choice, particularly when your most effective treatment is to pursue total joint reconstruction.

SOAR Medicine offers orthopedic surgery specializing the latest techniques for hips, knees and shoulders replacement, as well as regenerative therapies designed to specifically enhance many areas of orthopedic surgery.

SOAR also provides specialized and minimally invasive surgical techniques, including arthroscopy, that allow for smaller incision sites, less tissue disruption, less discomfort and faster healing.

Fellowship-trained in total joint reconstruction, Dr. Cowin brings advanced skills in both performing complicated repairs and providing general orthopedic care for a wide variety of needs. The SOAR team also provides comprehensive care before, during and after your surgery, including specialized physical therapy to help you prepare for surgery—and then get you back to full movement as quickly as possible after surgery.